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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work with people who haven’t done a deal yet?
    Absolutely! This program is designed to meet your individual needs, whether you are just starting out or are currently doing deals but want to restructure your business model and scale your profits.
  • How much money do I need to Wholesale Real Estate?
    Wholesaling real estate is one the greatest business models in the world, due to the fact that you can start with a very minimal investment (sometimes even zero dollars). The first thing we like to focus on is getting to know YOU. Do you have more time or more capital to invest? In this course we will create a realistic blueprint that fits your unique circumstances, time & budget.
  • Can I Wholesale from home?
    Yes! Wholesalepro is all about building a lean and low overhead business. We are big advocates of working from home or in a small office if one cannot work from home.
  • Can’t I just learn this from Youtube?
    There is plenty of great information on Youtube, but consider this: If you wanted to get in the best shape of your life would you benefit more from - Looking up workouts on Youtube or Having a personal trainer that customizes a plan based on your goals, creates a meal plan designed for your lifestyle, customizes a workout regimen based on your genetics, pushes you to break past plateaus and holds you accountable. We are option #2. The vast majority of the big players in this industry have invested in themselves.
  • Do I need a license to Wholesale Real Estate?
    The laws are rapidly changing across the country –but as of now, most US states do not require a real estate license. The great thing about our strategy is that you can wholesale anywhere in the United States, so you are not tied to just one city or state.
  • How long will it take me to get my first deal?
    Getting your first deal will depend on your level of ambition, focus and hunger. If you are willing to invest in yourself, be coachable, learn the trade and are ready to put in the work you can incredibly expedite your success in this industry.
  • What happens when the course is over? Do I lose communication with you guys?
    Absolutely not! Once you graduate from the course you are part of the WholesalePro family. Upon completion of the course, we keep great communication with our students and oftentimes partake in joint ventures with them.
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