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About Us

Our philosophy is simple:

Don’t use Wholesaling to create another  job, use Wholesaling to create FREEDOM.

Meet Your Instructor
Joe Gonzalez – CEO/Owner


Meet Joe Gonzalez – your Wholesaling Systems & Business Coach.

A native of Houston, Texas, Joe has generated Millions of Dollars in Real Estate Wholesaling fees. 

During his grade school years, Joe did not accept the conventional wisdom of going to college followed by getting a corporate job until the age of retirement – as his peers were all making plans of attending universities across the nation, Joe opted to get a sales job upon graduation.


After a decade of learning the different aspects of sales & negotiations, it was finally in the Spring of 2015 that he decided to enter the world of real estate by getting his license to became a Realtor. Joe immediately distinguished himself in his brokerage due to his cold calling tenacity and the number of listings he generated in such a minimal period of time, this led to his recognition as one of the top up and coming realtors of 2015 and was awarded the certificate of excellence by his brokerage. 


After 2 years of agency work, it was apparent that being a listing agent was still a job – you still had a boss, the seller.


“It was during those days that I realized that I did not get into real estate to sell other people’s houses, I did not get into real estate to just be an agent in a transaction, I got into real estate to be a principal in the transaction. I decided that from that moment on my name had to be on the front page of a real estate contract, not the back.”  


In 2017 Joe made the decision to start a Real Estate investment company – which would specialize in locating Off-Market opportunities with an assignment of contract as an exit strategy. In just a short few years Joe’s real estate investment company became a Multi-Million dollar operation, closing on assets with partners all over the state of Texas. His 100% virtual business model involved not having to visit properties, making offers on assets over the phone, running a lean team of virtual assistants, low overhead & mitigating risk by not having to take on a property loan.


Today, Joe continues to operate his Real Estate Wholesaling Company along multiple other companies / business ventures which include, a Rental Portfolio of Single-Family Housing, a Single-Family Development Company and a Real Estate Education Company.

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